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Eat or be eaten: this is the Post-Covid Champion in Banking! 

And the winner is…Read the final post by Diederick van Thiel (30 November 2020).

Win or lose? Winning banks break through the Big Tech Nash equilibrium

Financial institutions have to adapt their innovation strategies fast now as disruptive innovations from smart tech players come to the financial markets, says Diederick van Thiel in his latest post (9 November 2020).

The post COVID war has started: the leading group of digital banks against Big tech and Fintech

The leading group of digital banks is at war with Big Tech and Fintech in the battle on customer engagement. The customer decides who will win. Read all about this post COVID war. It has started already, says Diederick van Thiel, CEO of e-cology innovations (27 October 2020).

Survival of the fittest: Digital advice, the strategic cost – income play

Modern banks should give highest priority to digital human centered advice and get rid of the manual processes in their customer servicing! Read all about digitizing advice and services as a key element in strategic cost/income breakthroughs in “Survival of the fittest: Digital advice, the strategic cost – income play” by Diederick van Thiel, CEO of e-cology innovations (13 October 2020).

Last boarding call: Post-COVID Risk Decisioning starts now!

Risk suddenly appears everywhere and hits the banks’ business models. COVID-19 urges banks to invest in their business model effectiveness. Read about the steps towards more effective post-COVID business models for banks in the article “Last boarding call: Post-COVID Risk Decisioning starts now!” by Diederick van Thiel, CEO of e-cology innovations (25 September 2020).

Eat or be eaten. Which banks will be the post-COVID-19 pandemic winner?

This is the year in which banks have to invest in their effectiveness. In which they have to re-evaluate their business models, re-asses their enterprise risk frameworks, speed up structural implementation of human centred innovations with new interactive technologies and data to find their way out in this instable macro-economic environment.

Read the full article by Diederick van Thiel, CEO of of e-cology innovations. The article includes 5 strategic essential drivers to become love-banks in the future (11 September 2020).

Maximize effectiveness with digitization is what we do

The current COVID-19 crisis has a large impact on businesses. Digitization seems to be the magic word. But the decision where to invest to maximize future growth is more complex than ever.

No matter the cause, every transformation journey begins and ends with the customer and is supported by digital technologies. Companies that truly understand people’s real lives and manage to shape their business future around their needs face disproportionate growth. We believe that human-centered digitization and robotization will be the answer to maximize revenues, decrease costs and adapt to the new reality.

Digitization of Risk Digitization of Mortgages Real Estate AI Online Retail AI

Pioneering AI and robotics to maximize business effectiveness

Our mission is to maximize businesses’ effectiveness with digitization in this complex connected world. We support you with our business and digital experience and state-of-the-art tools:

– EI digital strategy scan

To avoid tens of millions in mis-investments this scan quickly assesses a company’s digital strategy and maturity of technology usage to improve business performance. It involves identifying new markets, new products and reimagining current processes. The scan has been developed in close cooperation with Cambridge University and is applied with leading brands like Ikea.

– EI quantified roadmap

Data-driven roadmap that identifies and defines the major activities required to grab the company’s digital opportunity. It includes a qualitative description of the opportunities supported by quantified business cases that seize the level of investments.

– EI Human centered AI tools

Based on our conceptual models like the digital customer experience index and robo-advice segmentations, we deliver human centered AI applications like risk & pricing engines, virtual assistants and robo-advisors in which data and explainable AI play a central role.

– E16S Innovation Powerhouse

COVID-19 puts business models under siege! Based on over 100 years of joint experience in successfully launching and building companies, we launch E16S: The Innovation Powerhouse. In E16S we bring our joint experience together in world’s best innovation frameworks, approaches and people to make this world better. E16S offers end-to-end support to multinational companies in designing, building and scaling sustainable new business models that substantially will grow your business.

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Let’s meet

We would love to know you and learn about the challenges you face. The first meeting will always be with Diederick van Thiel, founder and CEO of Ecology Innovations. Being thought leader in the field of Behavioural Economic Data Science and seasoned entrepreneur he will deep dive with you and bring a lot of inspiration to the table. What follows is entirely up to you. In the event of a collaboration Diederick will head the team and combine his experience with the brightest and best data brains from the world’s top universities such as Cambridge, Insead, Stanford, MIT, Nanyang Tech University, Zheijang University and Tokyo University. And we don’t stop there, we pair their forward thinking with the operational excellence of leading entrepreneurs and executive directors to build tomorrows world…


Maximize effectiveness with digitization

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